Super Mario 63

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 Ever wondered what Super Mario 64 would be like in 16-bits? how would those goomba's face up to the challenge. Who's gonna remind Mario that you can't push King Bomb-Umb off the cliff? Well, I believe this might satisfy those curiosities. Let me bring your attention to...

Super Mario 63

 Developed exclusively by the Runouw team. Similar to Super Mario Sunshine 64, you are practically replaying Super Mario 64 on a 2D 16-bit platformer with a little touch of Mario Sunshine thrown in there.

 As I am writing this, only 50 stars have been formed(with plenty more to come). "Rainbow Road" Bowsers third trap, and many other secret levels are still waiting to be finished and launched for an update.

 But while your waiting, I'm sure you'll be taken in with what's already developed. Use the Arrow Keys to walk, jump, and duck. Hit that space bar float with the Fluid. Read posted signs and listen with Z. Use the X for the spin attack and to reach new heights with Toad's all-new Starblaster.
May you clear all courses in 63-bits!

Super Mario 63 Review

 You will definitely recognize a lot of tunes from Super Mario 64. As for the rest, electronically superb!  Especially "Shifting Sand Land"(very much like an instrumental George Harrison track). As for the game play, I wish they left out those "Mario Sunshine" elements(a.k.a. Fluid, sprites), as it's already been done before. But don't let that detour you. Out of all Mario flash remakes, this has got to be one of my favorites!  Yes there are a few bugs their still working on. But I'm sure they'll be fixed in no time(this just launched after Christmas).

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Super Mario 63!


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