Space Hopper

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 The laws of nature say the force of gravity is largely dependent of the objects volume and mass. Well, throw that logic out the door for one night! Because in this plain of existence, even gravity follows the egalitarian principle. If that weren't enough, nobody want's any help from the sun. What's the result? Floating massed of rock rotating on their own orbits with no atmosphere to distinguish them apart. Introducing, another game from the studios of Nitrome...

Space Hopper

 Programmed by Heather Stancliffe with Mat Annal pitching in with the art design. The fine music that you'll be hearing shortly was developed by Lee Nicklen.All of their free online games are of very high quality.

 Joey's lost in space. Among the infinite expanse of the universe(in this case the multiverse).  How he got here is anyone's guess. You see, this is what happens when you drink too much egg nog before getting behind the wheel. In this case, his ship literally vanished in a black hole. Yet as all those movies go, the real stars never die.

 But apparently he's not alone. It looks as though aliens are on the same plight your on. What's more? these close encounters are very mischievous and do not come in peace. It sounds like Joey has traversed into a new  bubble of existence(a universe) and must find his own to return back home.

 But first you must guide him through many planetary platforms to catch all the stars and advance unto the next course. Let the alternate law of gravity  run it's course as you go planet hoping. Making sure to steer clear of those maniacs(they just keep getting wackier as the game progresses). On this platform it's three trikes and your out(so you might as well forget about those extra men floating around in Mario's universe). Good luck and may the force be with you.

Space Hopper Review

 As usual Nitrome delivers wonderful melodies and soundtracks suitable for Super Nintendo video game. With unique yet familiar platforming precipitating the whole adventure.  The challenge again is inbetween though a bit on the side of difficult. Yet not so much to spoil the movie. So to make a long review short, Nitrome once again over-delivers on their products!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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