Acid Factory

Help Harry rid the factory of all hideous creatures! #PlatformingGames #RetroGames #Miniclip
 One night  at about 3 A.M. Harry was rudely awakened by a call from the sheriffs department. Something strange was goin' on in the neighborhood...

The Sargent:"You know that other company who laid you off? well, we've just received word a massive and mysterious explosion has just happened at Toxichem Inc. We've tried sending others but they've suspiciously vanished! Some nearby have sworn they've seen and heard things they though only existed in the twilight zone. To set the facts straight, we're just asking you to take a look at the premises. Turn on the power to get things moving again. Maybe this will put a stop to the rumors currently circulating across town."
Harry:"Right away sir?"
The Sargent:"Whenever your ready in the morning."
Harry:"No problem Sargent."

 But those same little stories which inched there way through town weren't just talk. As Harry entered the acid factory, first he saw what appeared to be something swimming in that hideous green slime. But what emerged can definitely be attributed to the outer limits. From over-sized gruesome protozoans to former working employees  be infested like something out of the body snatchers!

 You must help Harry find all the missing batteries in each each sector to destroy all those slimy creatures and restore the factory to it's former stage. All organisms will die so your former co-workers will be sober may just maybe they'll give you that executive position back.

Acid Factory Review

 The music is very exquisite and doesn't get in your nerves(which is a great thing when playing on a shared computer). I was a bit disgruntled that only two lives are given before you start all over again(which can dishearten even the most dedicated among us. But overall, the 3D picture quality and animation make this an exiting platformer!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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