Mixel Platformer

Here is a #Platformer all about a cat named #Mixel! #AdventureGames
 Nature reveals the basic instincts of the animal kingdom. Dogs chase cats and cats chase mice.Well Mixel's just fits right in to a cats stereotypical inclination. But what she doesn't know won't hurt her...Until now.

 After traveling down Stray Cat Strut, this feline was heading into Jaiko's territory. Legend has it that he and his children are the last fully bred giant rats among the four corners of the Earth! Suddenly, the tables have turned. She is in the only landmark where the mice chase you! May I introduce to you...


 A very simplified run and jump platforming adventure where you must well either trample or dodge from giant mic(especially the big one at the end). Gather as much golden coins and kill as much mice as you can without falling into the water(remember, cats hate the water). Use the right and left Arrow Keys to move about and the Space Bar for leaping. Choose which mode you'd feel comfortable with. My advice is to start with Easy. Good luck and I hope Mixel's learned her lesson.

Mixel Review

 This tune has a really good hip quality for a flash game. With fairly well sound effects and a fun trivial platformer. My only pet peeve would be barely touch your foes but you still die. But mark my words. I really think you'll get in the hang of this!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Mixel 1.0!


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