Here is Sonica-A #Platformer by #NickKouvaris! #OnlineGames #SonicGames
 If you could recall, I did an earlier post on Pointless Game. Well today, I have a similarly-themed platform centered around Sonic The Hedgehog. Dubbed with a Latin title "Sonica". Programmed exclusively by Nick Kouvaris.

 This time Sonic(along with his foes) have been vacuumed into some peculiar dimension. Trapped within four walls and only one way to escape. You must find a battery that'll transport you unto the next platform. Once you fi
nish all ten, the last portal will take you back home. What do ya know. Someone who's gone through here before you has dropped their money. Maybe Sonic can use that for a snack when he get's back.

Sonica Review

 Despite the lack of music and sound effects, I happened to enjoy this neat little platformer. Yes, I was a bit let down by it's short duration and relatively poor mobility. But overall, fairly enjoyable and entertaining.

Ratings: 4.4 Stars!

Play Sonica!


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