David-Dawn of A New King

Help David keep the wolves from ruining his flock in this #2DPlatforming game! #BibleGames #ChristianGames #FlashGames From the foothills of Judah to the sterling palace at Jerusalem, this little boy is definitely going places! Without the slightest clue, he will become the next king of Israel. A man after God's own heart!

 Yet before taking in a whole nation in his bosom, he must Shepard his own little flock at home. Being the youngest of nine sons, David(without even realizing it) is being trained by God to become the Shepard of Israel.

 You must help him ward off any lions, tigers, or bears that might harm your little flock. As a Prophet of God, Samuel will show you what it takes to lead this great nation. It would be wise to give ear to his words of wisdom.

David-Dawn of A New King Review

 I felt a bit lonely without any music to accompany my journey. Although the sound-effects are pretty good. The execution was great warding off vicious carnivores among the platforms of Judah. Complete with 2D graphics and pixels. I thought the gameplay made a lot of sense (unlike other games which begin and end in less then a blink of an eye). To make a long review short, I think your gonna love this flash game of biblical proportions!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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