Polar Dash

Go ahead and give this bear one heck of a slede ride in Polar Dash! #WinterGames #FlashGames #SportsGames Come test your sledding skills upon a mountain range of -60 degree weather. It's a good thing your a polar bear. Otherwise exposure would give you an outbreak of frostbites. Just be careful how you steer the darn thing(unless you enjoy bone-throbbing pain in the frigid air). More speed does not necessarily equate to saved time. Yet ironically, the faster you get to the finish line, the more points you shall score.

Polar Dash Review

 The graphics and sound-effects are of excellent quality(3D, 64-bit, and surround sound)! Almost like your playing a real Nintendo 64 game. I was a little disappointed by the lack of tracks(there's only two to choose from). But other then that drawback, you will most certainly be awed by the surreal picture quality and animation!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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Polar Dash

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