Nitrome's Ice Breaker

Here is the first installment to Ice Breaker by #Nitrome! #WinterGames #StrategyGames
 Today marks the very beginning of mid-Winter and as such we will be reviewing flash games based on the dead heart of the cold season. Around the 19th I'll try to find a good quality game to critique on Martin Luther King Day.

 Tonight brings us to the dawn of the 13th century. To a horde of Vikings in search of a long lost continent of the far west. Where legends suggest a long lost race of men dwell and where treasure is buried within the lagoons. Their first stop led them to a spacious evergreen landmark(hense the name Greenland). This paradise seemed like a great spot to settle down and eat of the fat of the land. But little did they know that the days of Medieval Global Warming were soon drawing to a close. An mini Ice Age was overdue!

 While searching for more illusive treasure, Winter slowly but surly caved-in. Leaving many buried themselves under thick layers of ice beneath the advancing glaciers. They have been buried for centuries under the burgs until recently. In 1900, a British explorer surveyed the melting glaciers only to find frozen Scandinavians burrowed deep within.

 Guess what? You are that man. As a third-person entity, you must help these poor Norwegians by excavating large chunks of ice and letting the captain(now unfrozen) chisel his little Vikings back to life. Make sure you direct your new little friends towards the ship. Otherwise, they die and your mission would become a failure. The captain says...

 "If ye gat all my men in one accord, I shall reward thee sevenfold".

Stay tuned for The Sequel...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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