Escape From Winter

Here is "Escape From #Winter" or simply Winter-a #Japanese #EscapeGame by #GyonGames! #WinterFlashGames #WinterGames
 I know, one can understand your plight(when you wind up always getting stuck in the most bizarre places in awkward circumstances). Well tonight at least the perpetrator could've been half-way decent. The last time you checked, the mercury bottomed out at zero! What's more? There's about four feet of snow on the ground(and still coming down)! This guy loves to play tricks with your mind. He's left a good chalkful of clues on how to get into that warm cozy cottage(staring right down at you)!

 This game is purely a Winter-themed room-escape developed by a Japanese dude named Gyon. But not to worry. English is fully provided along with the hieroglyphics. Hopefully you will find the key on time before freezing to death and becoming like that snowman sending shivers down your spine(something you don't need)!

Escape From Winter Review

 The Baroque feel to the background music does give you a feel of mid-Winter(just without the blues). Even after awhile, it does not get on your nerves. Quite unlike some other games out there. The sound effects are also fairly charming and pleasant. Although the game play is a bit over-simplified, I'll be the first to admit I wasn't frustrated while mousing around-finding the next clue. So to put this whole review into perspective, your really gonna enjoy this little foreign treat!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Winter Walkthrough

1. Get the shovel on the ground.

2. Go right once and get the purple hat.

3. Get the pink paper in the hat.

4. Go right once and get the orange paper in the skates.

5. Go right twice and get the rope in front of the house.

6. Then get the green toy under the first rabbit(to your left).

7. Go right once and click on the owl with the toy and get the pink envelope.

8. Go right again and click on the stump with the rope and get the knife.

9. Cut the envelope with the knife and get the blue paper(Use the '?' on the envelope then select knife to cut it).

10. Click on the right side of the house and use shovel on the snow ground to get fishing rod(yes there's a bit of pixel-hunting involved).

11. click on the blue point/hole on the frozen lake with the fishing rod and a box will appear with a code-12.

12. Write "snow" on the box-code.

13. Then open the box and get the flute.

14. Go to the tree screen and click on the brown dot to play the flute.

15. Get the triangle that appears.

16. Give it to the fox and he'll give you an energy ball.

17. Give the ball to the snowman and he'll reveal the red key.

18. Click on the door of the house with the key.

19. Finally! You are in a warm cozy house! You look out the backyard only to find all your new-found friends lounging in your heated swimming pool.

Play Escape From Winter!


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