Anika's Odyssey

Help this girl as she embarks on a journey of a lifetime! #InteractiveNarrative #AdventureGames
 Today, I would like to take you to a place deep within the recesses of your imagination. To an enchanted forest, filled with many creatures and civilizations you thought only lived in legends. To a world where size is all relative. A magical canopy this little girl longed to discover with all of her soul. Introducing...

Anika's Odyssey: Land Of The Taniwha

 Produced by Jeff Nusz(the mind behind Sprout) and canvased by Tom Robinson. Additional folks have provided the soundtrack and beta testing.

 Our journey begins with a little girl named Anika of whom her mother told to do her chores(in this case fetch a pale of water). But Within Anita's heart lies a deep-seated longing to explore the meadows beyond those barb wires. Her mother had just bought a new stuffed animal for her birthday. One day a bold eagle mistakes Anita's favorite doll for an afternoon snack.

 Taking refuge upon her nest which lays snugly on top of a mount, the eagle guards that now ragged doll with fierce eyes. For Anita, it's a bitter-sweet experience. Now that her doll has been abducted, she now has the excuse to wonder in those mystical timberlands to claim what rightfully belongs to her. And she needs your help to journey where no little girl has gone before.

 Point-and-click your way and watch as the tale unfolds right before your eyes. There are many giants and midgets(among other hideous creatures) living amongst the forbidden canopy.  Yet that stuffed bunny rabbit is all you care about(you would even risk everything just to save that lifeless cotton stuffed in a cloth. But as long as time is slower beyond the premises, mother won't find out.

Anita's Odyssey Review

 You could almost mistaken this as a real story from your local library. The way the soundtrack, animation, back, middle, and foreground are presented makes you feel like your a part of the story. So in conclusion, you will be thoroughly impressed by the games simple yet elegant style(Just right to indulge your curiosity).

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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