Jump Gear Duo

Check out this anthropomorpic #TruckGame Jump Gear! #CarGames
 Let me inform you of a charming little fella named Sparky. Who just loves to play in the dirt scouring about on his little adventure. Whether it be splashing through those puddles, barricading through chunks of debris, or sailing glide across troughs and ridges performing a few cartwheels on the way. Well, you can always count on little Sparky to get his little rear-end dirty. Introducing...

Jump Gear 1 and 2

Here is the second installment to Jump Gear starring #Sparky! #CarGames
 Developed by the masterminds of pepere.org. Venture your way up and down many slopes and sand dunes as fast as you can(before time runs on empty). Grab a few capsules to give you a real buzz or change the weather(just make sure you arn't in any puddles).  But not all capsules are created equal. You must be wary of those red ones(unless you find pleasure getting enveloped in bubbles). Aim for the stars(if you happen to be addicted to breaking records).

Jump Gear Review

 The introductory music is very good(through very short). The sound effects are professionally designed and physiqued(much kudos to that). The game play is fairly challenging yet also an adventure! The physics and personality of Sparky(that's what I call him) make #1 a game to come back to again and again!

 Everyone expects #2 to be much better. However, not this time. You see, the platforming and architecture just doesn't have the magic of part one. Although the musics still pretty good and they do have a level editor(to build your own courses). But it's not real user-friendly. So to sum it all up, part 2 is fairly exiting. Though nothing like it's predecessor.

Part 1 Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Jump Gear!

Part 2 Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Jump Gear 2!


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