New Year Escape

Check out 123bee's New Year Escape game! #123bee #NewYearsGames #NewYears You've had everything planned right down to the last confetti string. Steaks on the grill, Left-over Christmas goodies, even a few firecrackers were in your agenda. Until reality slammed the door shut in your face.
See if you can #Escape this essquisite house on #NewYearsEve! #NewYearsGames #NewYears!
 Your parents have just grounded you for lighting the neighbors front lawn on fire. Which means you do your chores, eat supper, and stay in your room...That's it. Under no circumstances are you permitted to walk out that door(except for taking out the trash sigh).

 Well, your parents have decided to head for Time Square this New Years Eve-leaving you bored to tears staring mindlessly at the ceiling fan. Just to make sure you don't sneak out, they've locked you in and hidden the key real good. But what they don't know won't hurt them right?

 Well like Kevin McAlester, you are a very resourceful kid with a lot of brains for your age. Scrutinize and find all the clues necessary to escape this bedroom of drudgery. Then you can have the time of your life with your friends. Yet like that Home Alone boy, your conscience will soon come in to haunt you.

New Years Escape Review

 Electronica Dance appropriately jazzes the scene with festive music(not my cup of tea though). Yet the gameplay is where things get a bit sour(even when guided by a walkthrough). In some spots(mainly the curtain and behind the nightstand), you'll be getting a headache with the amount of pixel hunting before the desired object is found. I also found it a bit too short and lacking in interactivity. So all in all, the game is very appropriate this New Years Eve, I just thought a little more could have been done with the overall gameplay(not to mention a bit easier to play).;)

New Year Escape Walkthrough

1. Zoom to the bottom-left bed leg and get lighter.
2. Click left side of bed, move pillows forward several times then get key.
3. Open right window curtain and get black pin(by right curtain about 1/4 down)
4. Use key to open cupboard and get bottle and cup (bottom-left).
5. Use black pin to open top drawer of nightstand, get wooden box.
6. Look to left of nightstand about the same level with top drawer and pixel hunt(I know it sucks). Grab the pliers.
7. Look at the lamp on the nightstand, put cup to the lamps left-side, pour some wine from the bottle to get full cup and empty bottle.
8. Now examine the wooden box, open it with those pliers you've found and get rocket.
9. In original view, put empty bottle under ceiling light (to left of bed leg), put rocket in bottle, light rocket with lighter, and watch it take off and drop a set of keys from the chandelier.
10. Get the keys from the ground.
11. Use those keys to open the locker in the cupboard to finally obtain the key to the bedroom door.
12. Now use that key to open the door and your off to celebrate the new year with your friends!

Happy New Year!

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

Play New Year Escape!(Sadly now defunkt. But I've added a new link New Year Escape 2016(Yippee New Year Escape) in it's place!

Nevermind. I found it Right Here!


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