Wrap Attack

Help this little boy save #Christmas from extinction in this #Platforming #Adventture Wrap Attack by #MultiClip! #ChristmasGames
 From the studios of Funaut comes a unique Christmas platforming experience. All about a boy who harbored a mean, deep-seated grudge against good old Saint Nick. Needless to say, his name was always on the naughty list. Year after year, there was nothing to look forward to except stockings full of chiseled coal and an empty tree. As the years strolled by, this delinquent eventually became some mad doctor(someone who shouldn't have gotten that position in the first place).

 Well, this year Doctor Zass wants to play the Grinch. Instead of impersonating Kringle himself, he vies to take him captive and transmute his toys into evil minions to take over the world. Only one kid can save Christmas from being canceled. And that boy is You.

 You must venture through many platforms of nut cracker toy soldiers, cuddly teddy bears, spinning ballerina dolls, choo-choo-trains, antique aeroplanes, trinket automobiles, and even jack-in-the-box himself. Use WASD/Arrow Keys to jump and move. Hit Z/J to shoot and wrap-up caught toys. X will give you a handy frozen platform to reach new heights.

 Now there are billions of children counting on you. Will you brighten up their holiday or leave them drowning in the abyss of despair? As for Santa, he may need a replacement next year.

Wrap Attack Review

 At first the gameplay was a bit challenging granted it became more playable once you knew what the heck you're doing. I've come across many games either too easy or annoyingly difficult. This beautifully fences the two. The platforming was well-done with seasonal 2D graphics and smooth computer animation!

 As for the quality of music, you don't hear actual Xmas tunes. Nevertheless it does perfectly match the mood of the season-coupled with Santa's life on the line-punk Rock style!.

 So all in all, I find this to be a great imaginative platformer-a wonderful online game to play just in time for the Holidays!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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