Santa Clause Boy Escape

You have been kidnaped by #Santa in his little #Workshop by his not-so-jolly clotches! #ChristmasGames #SeasonalGames #SantaGames
Once upon a time,

 A little boy lived an honest good life. From January til December, he was at his best behavior. Longing for Santa to bring him an array of gifts. The boy sensed a feeling of accomplishment come Christmas Eve. Or at least he thought so.

 That night(after Sand Man did his thing), he soon drifted off to sleep In confident expectation of what lies ahead by morning. Yet, Christmas Morning did not yield what he'd hope for. In fact, It so appears that Santa has abducted this little boy to a strange dwelling- a place he's never laid eyes on...And that little boy is you! Introducing...

Santa Clause Boy Escape

 Use your mouse to point-and-click your way through riddles and clues to find your way out of this place and head back home to celebrate Christmas(or what's left of it). It looks like now you won't be believing in Santa anymore(after what he's put you through anyway).

Santa Claws Boy Escape Review

 The euphonious sound gives a little sense of mystique mixed in with a Christmas rush. While the plot is somewhat lacking(though just enough to be entertaining). Personally, I'd install an anti-climax where the boy realizes he shouldn't try to escape because he is Santa's own little boy. Though one thing I like was the walkthrough they provide for this game.

 So bringing it all together, the story is lacking. But the game itself has some substance as a Christmas puzzle-solving room-escape.

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Go ahead and play "Santa Claus Boy Escape"!


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