Happy Christmas Escape

Help #Santa find the key and escape this dwelling place to make the rest of his rounds! #ChristmasGames #SantaGamesTwas the night before Christmas
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse

Then along came Santa
With a load upon his back
With toys wrapped snugly for Christmas morning

 Only one problem...The chimney ain't big enough to give him a lift! What's more? The house is built to be locked inside-out.

 Guide Santa quietly through the house to find the master key to the front door(you know, security is a great thing. But why does it have to happen to me tonight). But before you seek out that big one, know first you must seek out the lesser keys. Only then will you walk out the front door and resume your Christmas Eve mission.

Happy Christmas Escape Review

 There's a very mysterious and eccentric twist on the soundtrack(though very repetitive and certainly nothing Christmasy). I felt the game did not have enough in there to fully engage your psyche. As all your looking for are keys and a front door. Although great to spare maybe 5-10 minutes of your day, yet nothing to get all exited about.

Ratings: 3.5!

Here's a little Walkthrough!

Now Play Happy Christmas Escape!


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