Help this #Christmas chickmonk balence on a snowball down a snowhillwithout falling! #WinterGames #ChristmasGames
  Well, a lot of you in the southeast didn't get the white Christmas you were hoping. Yet there's always room for make-believe. Picture yourself balancing on a snow ball rolling thunderously downhill(which just keeps getting bigger and bigger), and your playing...


 Use your mouse to steer this daring acrobat down the mountain. Careful to jump over rocky cleavages by the wayside via right-clicking on the snowball. If you want your score to be inflated come the finish line, right-click outside around the ever-growing ball to accelerate your speed. As for me, I'd much rather play it safe.;)

Snowrider Review

 The background symphonic tune is very relaxing and appropriate for the Christmas season with state of the art sound effects. All you come to expect from a free online game. The game play is quite simple and straightforward. But challenging enough to gain your full undivided attention. Although nothing directly refers to Christmas, I fully believe you'll immensely enjoy this gimmick(at least for a few minutes anyway).;)

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Snowrider!


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