Not Escape From Room(Christmas Edition)

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 Well, tonight you are tiny Tim and your mother has just bidden you to deck your room with Christmas cheer. Before you lay your weary head to rest, you must dress the room with Christmas decorations. So be a good little boy and do as your told. Introducing...

Not Escape From Room - Christmas Edition Walkthrough!

This might be a little hard for some. So I've provided a walkthrough thanks to Beanman3...

Note: Point cursor directly on locks to unlock a cabinet with a key.

1. Left once, get logs.
2. Open the bottom cupboard doors of cabinet and get baubles.

3. Open the top cupboard doors and grab wreath. Place wreath upon the hook near door.

4. Go left and place logs in fireplace.

5. Go left again and strewn baubles on tree.

6. Click around the soil on right side of box holding up tree. You'll eventually find a silver key.

7. Go back to the cabinet. Use this key for the door of the cabinet where the star is. Now take the ornament.

8. Place the star on the Christmas Tree.

9. Go left. Click between two cushions on the right side of the couch(middle of seat). You'll find a matchbox.

10. Go to the fireplace. Light the logs. Then light all the candles in the room.

11. Click about the bottom right part of the desk. Through much pixel-hunting you'll eventually get a gold key.

12. Now go to the Xmas Tree. Use that gold key on the other middle cupboard. Take out the stockings. Mom says to go to bed. 

The End!!!

Not Escape From Room Review

 Once you've finished decorating, the game comes to a conclusion on Jingle Bells. Followed by a warm greeting-wishing you a Merry Christmas. Although it was a little on the perturbing side(as far as pixel-hunting is concerned). Plus I wish there were a heck of a lot more decorations to put up. Yet overall, I was pretty impressed by another Christmas Point-And-Click Game. 
 Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Not Escape From Room (Christmas Edition)!

Here's a Walkthrough!


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