Last Christmas 2

Help #Santa's #Elves save #Christmas from being hijacked from aliens from outer space! #ChristmasGames
 Aliens have invaded the North Pole. Apparently these invaders think they could do a better job. Luckily, your faithful little elves have been running an experiment. They've successfully designed a Santa 3000 Wolverine complete with missiles and shooters to swipe clean Kringlevill of malicious intruders. You must stop these aliens in their tracks or Christmas as we know it will be no more!

Last Christmas 2 Review

 There is a definite Christmas cheer to the background soundtrack. But what I'm most impressed about would be the supersonic laser which zaps all your enemies in one hit(if only you had an unlimited supply).  The gameplay is your basic first-person shooter type all wrapped in a plastic Christmas cover. To make a long story short, I'd most definitely recommend you try this little trinket out while sipping on a chug of eggnog.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars! 

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Last Christmas 2

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