Deep Freeze

Help #Santa defeat #AntiClause in #DeepFreeze by #MultiClip! #ChristmasGames #SantaGames #SeasonalGames On Christmas Eve, Santa woke up just in time from a whole years rest to deliver gifts to all good children of the world. Still half asleep, he loaded all their toys in his sleigh pack(as usual). However this Christmas, fate had other plans.

 Slowly drifting back to reality, Mr. Kringle realizes the workshop has been broken into. What's more? All of his little helpers have been kidnapped! But by whom? Well, whoever it is basically knows very little about the climate of the north pole.

 These naughty ones are out to destroy Christmas. They have been commissioned by Anti Clause to stomp-out all glad tidings and holiday cheer! Which is where you must come in and put a stop to all this Yuletide hatred! Introducing...

Deep Freeze

  A Christmasy themed flash game developed from the same fellas who brought you Caveman Flash(an idea derived from that classic NES game)-Miniclip.

  You must help Santa take a bite out of crime in the North Pole. From little green men, to flying gypsies, perverted clowns, and inflated balloons(I hope I'm not the only one who thinks these gypsies are invading the wrong holiday).

  You are our only hope to save Christmas from being canceled. If you fail, everyone's Xmas will be ruined.

Deep Freeze Review

 The music sure does have a catchy tune(though nothing directly to do with Christmas). Sound effects are alright(just what you'd expect from a good casual gaming experience). 

Now the gameplay falls right into the platforming/first-person shooter arena. Very entertaining and quite addicting(Especially if your aim is to get the highest scour by accumulating a bunch of little holiday trinkets).

 The directions are clear and concise. So easy a caveman could do it. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to move and jump, and SPACE to shoot frozen water. Now who could miss that?

 To wrap this all up, I think this game is very creative and innovative. Something which stands out from many other games online. Now go ahead and get into the Christmas spirit.

Rating: 5 Stars!

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