Planet Platformer

Here is the first installment to Planet #Platformer! #FlashGames
 You have been abducted in what appears to be a garage-sized asteroid in outer space. Luckily, they provide you with oxygen and even enough gravity to run around in circles(beats floating into Outer Space). But why would they throw you in this labyrinth from a distant solar system where day and night are so unequally mixed. My friend, I'm afraid your a guinea pig to an advanced civilization! Introducing...

Planet Platformer

Here is the second installment to Planet #Platformer! #OnlineGames Exclusively produced by Erman Haskan, the creator of Adobe Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3 were used in the making of this game.

 Use the Right or Left Arrows(or A and D) to maneuver to and fro. Press either the Upper Arrow or W to jump from one platform to another. If you feel the urge to start over, hit the Space Bar(just keep in mind for every time you mess up, a life will be sacrificed).

 Getting on the next platform requires you to reach for the stars(don't let any of them slip by). There are three platforms for each game(which makes it 9 in all). Prove that you are worth more then a guinea pig. Show these E.T.'s what a close encounter they'll be having tonight. Perhaps they'll finally get the message your not an animal.

Planet Platformer Review

 The concept was simple and straight forward. Have a painted stick figure hop along on each planet as a platformer in outer space. Yet hi-jacking from one area to another is well, a pain in the butt. Getting ciphered in hot magma, impaled on sharp spikes, or even crushed like a tin can will even make the most seasoned among us throw in the towel. But other then that, I find it fairly interesting and to the point.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Planet Platformer!

*[Update: Part 2 is now up]*


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