Pizza Hot

Help this yuppie deliver each and every pizza on time! #TimeManagementGames! #FlashGames
 Pizza Hot is a yuppie delivery service brought to you by Silent Bay Studios. Based in Hippie Town Square. The land of Post-modernism(or those who hate modern philosophy or the like thereof).

 Dufis here has just been hired as a delivery boy for a local Pizza Parlor. Yes, getting a job in a bad economy is like catching a needle in a haystack. But the trouble is, the folks in this town are crazy! Seems like every driver got his license at the Five-N'-Dime. And the cops have the audacity to pull you over for driving on the pavement(ugh).

 Regardless, you must deliver these babies fresh out of the oven(rain or shine). Don't lag behind too long or they'll get cold and your clients won't pay for them. Then you'll be job-hunting once again among the slums of Hippie Town Square.

Pizza Hot Review

 The music has a real hip quality on it. With a some heavy beats to add depth. Other then being grid-locked in between passenger vehicles, this game has a raw addicting quality to it! Despite your own frustrations, you'll always come back for one more try. So to bring this into good perspective, Pizza Hot will most definitely put you in the mood for a slice.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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