Phantom Mansion 2 The North Sea

Join Hector as he endeavors to seek out the treasure of the seven seas in The North Sea! #PhantomMansion #HalloweenGames #PlatformingGames
 After successfully acquiring "The Black Diamond" of The Black Sea, Hector knows it's only one piece of the treasure. There are 6 more like it worth more then sevenfold mounds of gold. Scattered abroad the legendary seven seas of the land of the living.

 Our next stop takes us to an island no larger than an iceberg. To a cold dead place infiltrated by polar ghosts and arctic zombies. Hector's little compass brings us to...

The North Sea

 Just like "The Black Sea" along with his previous adventure within The Phantom Mansion, you'll be in the riddled puzzle-solving business once again. Pushing crates, flipping switches, and avoiding the cryptic touch of frigid ghosts(who so happen to be fond of little brown boxes). Find that diamond and get the heck outta there(or you'll become one of their victims). Hopefully our next stop will take us someplace warm.:)

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play The North Sea!

This is all part of Phantom Mansion 2!

Also check out the sequel Arabian Sea!


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