Papa Louie's Pizzeria

Find out where it all started in #PapaLouies Pizzeria! #TimeManagementGames
 After battling many scrumptious pizza-toppings and vicious little crush red peppers, I think Papa Louie has earned a much deserved break. If only he told Roy ahead of time.

 Roy practically spent the whole night delivering pizzas around the neighborhood. Just after finishing the last order, he arrives at 2 A.M. to close shop. Just then, a note caught his peripheral vision. It reads...

To my fellow employee: ROY,

 "I am going on a two week vacation to the Caribbean and have found it prudent to leave you in charge while I'm gone. If I find that Papa Louie's pizzeria is running slick and efficient, you will be deemed a great asset and promoted as General Manager! However, if I find this joint in shambles, you know the drill. Please make me proud, my boy."

    Signed-Papa Louie
 At this, Roy was stunned! He staggered through the kitchen in disbelief. Was Papa Louie just finding an excuse to fire me? What if I screw-up?

 After musing over it for a good half in hour, Roy put his head down to rest upon the ordering platform. Before he knew it, the darkness gave way to the first gleams of dawn. Ever reminding him of the great responsibility that lies ahead.

 Abruptly, a pounding on the window jerks him off of his stupor. Adjusting his eyes, he realizes the pizzeria must open in a half in hour. Roy must now operate this joint as a one-man band. Making sure his bottom line finds everything to their liking. Will you help him achieve this lofty position?

From the studios of Flipline, may I introduce to you...

Papa's Pizzeria

 Another fine strategy-builder from the ever-so-new resource management game genre. Quite unlike Penguin's Dinner and McDonalds Video Game, there is much more of a mom and pop touch to it. With a more hands-on approach.

 Not only must you hand-toss and bake these pies just right, they have to be prepared and sliced as prescribed. It doesn't have to be perfect. However, with better precision comes biggerpockets! So go ahead and aim for that promotion Papa Louie has promised!

Papa's Pizzeria Review

 The sounds to the music can really get you in the mood for a nice oily New York style pizza(that's if you're hungry). Most appealing are those drums you'll hear as you slip in those pies.

 The gameplay is quite simple considering how the rules made it sound oh so complicated. Especially since they spoon-feed you on the first round. But not to worry, the game does get more challenging for all you strategy junkies out there!

 Just to sum things up, I'd definitely recommend this cooking #TimeManagementGame. This definitely stands head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Papa's Pizzeria!


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