Gatuno In Christmas

Help Gatuno solve another dilemma this time during #Christmas! #PointAndClick #Gatuno Gatuno is a little boy who lives in a small village nestled deep inside a deep forest. For some unknown reason, Every Christmas comes and goes without a trace of gifts from Santa. Not even a stocking-full of coals to show he was naughty.

 Yet Gatuno knows deep within that he's always been a good little boy. So why is this happening? Is it because Kringle favors the rich? Or could it be his evil twin is a kleptomaniac? Is the jolly old fella capable of stopping by every house across the globe? Is he really omnipresent(as they claim)? Nobody has a clue.

  As a kid you too were forgotten by St. Nick. Yet being charitable as you are, you've decided to risk everything to brighten this boys face for the holidays. Point-and-click your way through town and interact with various characters. Purchase that present which will give this kid one Christmas he will never forget.

Review Of Gatuno In Christmas

 You could almost mistaken the theme song for a Classical hit! Though I wish the download quality was better. Plus there's absolutely no soundtrack on the plot.

 The game play has a symmetric flow which is delicately balanced in difficulty(not frustrating yet very engaging). The story is based on a moral theme in my opinion(It is more blessed to give then to receive). Even laying aside qualified absolutes for a greater cause. In conclusion, I view this as a refreshing change in creativity among the realm of online gaming.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Now go play Gatuno In Christmas!

Here's a Walkthrough!


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