Christmas Mini Room Escape One & Two

#Neutral has developed a duo of cubical #RoomEscapes geared towards the holiday season! #ChristmasGames
 Here are two more Christmas-themed escape-the-room flicks-brought to you from the studios of NeutralEX. Again, you have come down with a little bout of Christmas Amnesia!

 Part one winds you up in a strangers house in what you hope to be Wyoming during the Christmas season. Everything just doesn't feel right(you could've sworn you were on a non-stop flight to Chicago). You don't even know who your mother is(now that's a scary thought). Let's just hope you escape on time before Christmas Day.

 Part two-now this is when things start to get terrifying. Someone is obviously playing tricks with your mind!

 This time around, you are trapped in a lab included with cozy sleeping quarters(how quaint). Yes, the temptation is great. But the task at hand of finding a way out of here is of utmost importance-before another Christmas slips through your sticky fingers!

Christmas Mini Game Escape Review(1 and 2)

 Although background music does not accompany the plot, sound effects more then justified their absence. Gameplay was outlined just perfectly(not too easy not too hard). And each game's resolution raises these room-escapes head-and-shoulders above the rest(relatively speaking). A big thumbs up goes to Mya for his outstanding Holiday plot on both accounts!

Ratings for both: 5 Stars!

Christmas Mini Room Escape 1 Walkthrough

Part 1

1st present: The first one is upon the Christmas-tree.

2nd present: Turn left twice. #2 is under the bed covers(lift from foot of bed).

3rd present: The third is within bed(look under within little box).

4th present: The fourth is within Santa’s hat on top of the drawer.

5th present: Number 5 is Within the top-drawer.

6th present: Go left once. The 6th present is inside Santa’s boots.

7th present: Grab wood from the trash bin, then place the wood inside the fireplace, a present is within the trash bin.

8th present: Go right twice. Look right under the left pillow-top upon the couch.

9th present: Push Santa’s signature coats, the 9th present should fall behind the couch; now grab the gloves then look under couch for the present that fell.

10th present: Upon the table, right next to the piece of cake.

11th present: Lift then grab the star from under the trashcan, then go right twice and place it on the picture with the reindeers over the fireplace(star is missing from right reindeer). 11th present should appear.

The Window

 Go right twice and get scraps of paper from the trash can next to table, place it upon the wood in the fire place; now go grab the second knob from the right of Santa's signature coats(upon the rake). Now go left once and use this knob upon the second drawer right next to the bed. Open drawer then take the matches. Go left once and start the fire with the matches then go left and examine the thermometer. When the temperature rises open the window.

 Now grab the fork-arm from the snowman, take note of the number(changes in every game); go right and eat the piece of cake upon the table with the fork, grab the plate and take note of a number(which also changes in every game).

The Key

 Now go left twice and use the table code for the safe, grab the hammer. Go right once and use the hammer upon the icicle to your left, use Santa's gloves to obtain the frozen key. Go left once and place plate in front of fire then put frozen key upon plate until it thaws, afterwords take the key and the plate filled with water.

12th present: Go left once and use the water upon the dying plant right next to the door, leave the area then come back, take the 12th present on top of the blooming flower, then take the spoon behind the flower pot.

13th present: Go right twice and look under the bed(left side that is). Notice the number 12, go left twice and rig the clock to 12:35, then open the coco doors for another present(13th).

14th present: The last present is underneath the snowman’s hat. to obtain it, you must put the fork back in it's place and place the spoon on the other side(as his other arm). The snowman will smile and then lift his hat.

The Final Scene

Finally right twice and use the key upon the front door and your out!

You can leave without all the presents(you just won't get a fully lit cake).

Christmas Mini Room Escape 2 Walkthrough

1. Click on the laptop and then key.swf within it. Take note the columns are colored and the amounts can be altered.

2. Zoom out then click to your left to get the handle for the tap-faucet from behind the laptop.

3. Zoom out then click the bottom drawer to your left and go through the text book until you get the bizarre code 8+4*92.

4. Zoom out then go under the desk and retrieve the snowman ornament.

5. Now click the lamp above the desk and then grab the orange light incandescent light bulb.

6. Click the teddy bears and retrieve the Christmas bell from under the left bear’s hat.

7. Now go right then click the picture to your right. Click to place frame aside then grab the gingerbread man.

8. Click the calendar and take note of the arrow pointing up behind it. Go up to view a greenish object in the vent.

9. Go right then click down in the sink and get a cup.

10. Connect the tap-faucet unto the handle to run the water and fill the cup with water.

11. Go right and click the book that's lying flat(behind bed) to get the lab drawer key.

12. Go left and unlock the lab drawer then grab the lamp plug cord.

13. Zoom into the test tubes. Now go back to the laptop and enter the amounts of the test tubes on the computer. 

Green: 2, Red: 1, Blue: 4, Yellow: 5, Black: 3.

14. Now use the resultant code (different in each game) on the code-locked cabinet under the sink and then grab the hammer.

15. Go right and click the lamp. Replace regular light bulb with orange incandescent lightbulb.

16. Now click to the left of the night-stand and plug in the cord.

17. Now click the front of the night stand and punch-in the code found in the green book above(code is literal and not a math equation) Result=The bed will fold and now you're able to turn on the lamp.

18. Now use the hammer upon the crack-crevice that's on the floor where the bed was and grab the desk key.

19. Now go right then open the desk drawer with key and grab the hand shovel, Christmas bow, note, and seed. Read the note on how to make the magical Xmas tree.

20. Now go left and use this shovel on the dirt in the floor(from crack), plant seed, cover it, and then hydrate the soil with the cup with water.

21. Turn the lamp on. As shown in the note within the present box, you'll have to wait until the tree grows and gives a red ornament.

22. Now go to your right and suddenly you have mail on your computer. Follow the instructions, kick the front door three times on the bottom, and then it is unlocked.

23. Open it and grab the ladder. Get blue ornament from the bucket.

24. Go to the top shelf of closet and get the key card.

25. Place the ladder in front of the calendar to go upwards.

26. Click on green item within the vent. A pack of matches will fall on the floor.

27. Go down and retrieve them.

28. Go left twice and insert key card under the picture to your right.

29. Grab the glass vial. Look at the note. It will show you what to do. The tree should be in adolescent phase now. So grab the red ornament from the bottom right of Xmas Tree.

30. Go toward the sink and fill the vial with water.

31. Now go unto the Bunsen Burner upon the lab table and ignite it with the matches.

32. Place the vial of water upon the experiment-stand(right next to Bunsen Burner) and place the Burner underneath it.

33. Get blue liquid from the testtube rake then add the ingredient in the boiling water.

34. Now slip in the red bauble.

35. Now grab the resultant blue formula and Use it on the Christmas Tree.

36. When grows into a gigantic tree, you should witness a yellow bauble fall off to the side. Go right and click it and it will crack open and give you a star ornament.

37. Now turn left twice, grab latter, then go back and use the ladder to climb up the tree. 

Mission accomplished!!!

...Now go Play Christmas Mini Room Escape One and Two!

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