Christmas Gift Escape

You've locked yourself up at #Santa's #Workshop at the #NorthPole! Now you must find a way to #Escape before he comes back and finds you here! #ChristmasGames
 All the kids in the neighborhood made sure to give Santa(or his helpers) a visit at the local mall. All except you. Not to worry, the U.S. Postal Service is there for a reason. So off you go hippity hop to the post box. Only to realize you've passed the dead line.

 "As of December 14th, our staff will no longer be excepting mail of any kind to be delivered until Boxing Day. We apologize for the inconvenience. Merry Christmas!"

    Sincerely-The U.S. Postal Service

 Yeah so much for a merry Christmas. In your stubborn determination, you head to the airport to discover a one-way flight to Upernavik, Greenland. Since no one was flying(due to a bad economy)  you got away with a 49 dollar airfare ticket! From there, you head on up to the mountains to the islands heart(There's no way Santa lives on an iceburg in the 90th parallel). 

 Alas! You've finally found Santa's dwelling! Stealthily, you try to sneak in only to find you have the hole place to yourself. Worse, being the idiot that you are congratulations, you've locked yourself in Santa's workshop!  Introducing...

Christmas Gift Escape

 Now's your last chance to cough-up a letter to Kris Kringle. Then get the heck out of there! Oddly enough, there's some sort of puzzle or riddle to solve in order to obtain the master key and escape. Hurry as Santa(or his elf's) may come at any moment. Then your Christmas will be screwed. Then again, could he have planned this all along as an object lesson?

Christmas Gift Escape Review

 The music does conform to the mood of the circumstance(after all, you are trying not to get caught).  But only a small script is installed so get prepared for annoying breaks on the soundtrack.

  As for the game play, I thoroughly enjoyed pecking around Santa's house intricately solving every piece to the puzzle. Until the key to the front door is finally unleashed. However, I was a bit disappointed on how difficult it was to write a darn letter to Santa.;) 

 To make a long story short, you will find this Christmas flick very much worth it's salt. Yes, it may get a little over-challenging to some. But hey, that's what walkthroughs are for. Right?

 Christmas Gift Escape Walkthrough!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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