Turkey Escape

This little turkey is about to get eaten. Find a way to set him free before #ThanksgivingDay! #ThanksgivingGames #RoomEscapes
 Ah...Thanksgiving...A time to nibble on that apple pie or stuff yourself with grandmas sweet potato pie. For family reunions and watching football on a crisp cold November day(but as for me, I'll stick with Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade). To count our blessings, one by one. Even if turkey left-overs come out of our eyes for the next two weeks. This tradition has always been cherished throughout the years. Yet there is one demographic which does not feel the same about our beloved holiday.

The Great Turkey Escape

 OK, farmer Joe has just bought himself a live turkey and is getting fixed to slaughter the bird for a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast! As I am writing this article, the giant bird is locked up in a feeding trough, gorging his meal. Unbeknowing the fate that awaits him.

 Find some way to strategically let this poor animal go free and escape his lot of becoming a yummy palette for the clan. Please hurry as farmer Joe may arrive at any second!

Turkey Escape In Review

 The soundtrack feels a little creepy and slightly more reminiscent of a Halloween escape flick. But that's probably the whole idea. What would you think if you were in his shoes(or in this case clutches)...? I would be thinking the same thing, believe me(edit: soundtracking has changed to a more Classical tone)!

 The game play is really simple and to the point. But with just enough difficulty to engage your whole mind(another words, neither frustrating, nor merely elementary). Despite it,s brevity, in no uncertain terms does this lack any depth.

 Although escape-the-room games have been done many times before, one had to be make for Thanksgiving Day and 123Bee were the fellas who intricately put the code together-Piece by piece. Overall, "Turkey Escape" is a wonderful strategy to solve after you've filled up your tummy with a generous helping of Pumpkin pie!

Ratings 4.98 Stars!

Play Turkey Escape!

Turkey Escape Walkthrough

1. Point-and-click to grab the turkey.

2. Click to zoom-in and grab the iron ball to your right.

3. After returning to default(where you started), zoom-in towards the back and grab the rope from the hook on either side.

4. Get back to default, then zoom-in and click to drop bucket to grab the black hood it was suspended on.
Zoom-out then go to feeding trough and find a small black stone.

5. Go back then go towards back shelf to your left. Use stone to get thwart the nail out.

6. Go back then click towards shelf(to your right). Place that nail on the left bracket shelf then use stone to loosen it(the same thing will automatically happen on the right bracket). Finally, grab the shelf.

7. Go back to default and zoom-into the storage basement below. Click either handle to open and take the pulley.

8. Now, zoom-out and grab the log(to your right) and place it on top of the basement door. Then place the shelf on top of it. This should create a teeter-tot(well, sorta).

9. Attach the pulley on the black rope hanging from the ceiling.

10. Now use the brown rope to wrap around the pulley and zoom-in to place the bucket hook on the bottom-left rope.

11. Continuously click the pulley until the hook has reached the box stack in the back and and brought it to the teeter-tot.

12. Zoom-in towards teeter-tot and place iron ball on the opposite side of the box stack. Numerously click on the bottom rope just above. This should throw the ball out the window with a mighty shatter.

13. Now repeat #12 with the turkey.

14. Congratulations my friend! You've saved the turkey from becoming Thanksgiving Dinner! Now I wonder what farmer Joe's gonna do to you(since he heard that window shatter)?

 Oh I almost forgot, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Play Turkey Escape!


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