Agent Platformer

Help Agent Platformer escape this lucid dream! #PlatformerGames #RetroGames 2DGames
 Tonight, Agent Platformer needs your help. You see, the FBI sent him on a mysterious mission to investigate a potential bomb scare on an old factory.

 Well as the agent entered the premises, strange electrical discharges were spotted on his peripheral view. What appeared to be a charged fog enveloped the man until he was no more.

 Agent Platformer found himself in a new plane of existence. One which has no outdoors. Just a multitude of rooms in an endless cycle. That's why he needs your help to find a way out of this winding perpetual realm! Oddly enough, a nap sack(complete with a rocket launcher) lays motionless in front of the detective. Perhaps, whomever(or whatever) brought the agent here is using him as some sort of guinea pig.

Review of Agent Platformer

 O.K. you know how I love to put stories into everything.:) But for this one, there's no story involved(other then some agent running through 14 different room). The gameplay is pretty much something you've seen before(yet worth farting around with). Although I wish he could make some acknowledging sound effects. But I liked the many mode options you have to play at your own pace(choose between "Timed Mode, or Free Style Mode). If your up to the challenge, Time Mode will offer three difficulty stages(Easy, Medium, and Hard) for you to pick. But all platforms are the same. With only your watch as the common denominator.

 The music contains a synthesized beat which can foster a hip mood but will eventually get on your nerves(as you'll soon find out).

 To put all this into perspective, "Agent Platformer" is very efficient for a 15 minute lunch break. However, it's nothing to rave about.

Ratings: 4.2 Stars!

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