Super Strawberry Clock

Help this strawberry save a damel in distress in Super Strawberry Clock! #OnlineGames
 Ah...Where did those 8-bit days go? When all you did was give a nice hearty blow to those dinosaur cartridges. When 2 dimensions was all you had for a platformer. What happened to the old-school tunes that constantly got stuck in your head? Luckily, at least part of that nostalgia will get revived tonight.

Introducing "Super Strawberry Clock"!

 As Mr. Strawberry, you'll have to go through 10-15 platforms(depending on which mode you choose) fighting baddies in such. If you make it unscathed, there is an extra treat just waiting for you up ahead-a whole new plethora of levels. Not only that, but a whole new character(just in case your getting sick of strawberries).

 There's also a level editor. By that I mean you can create any level whatsoever your heart desires. The skies the limit! When in doubt, the tutorial is there to help.

Super Strawberry Clock Review

 I am absolutely in love with the music and overall animated appeal! The storyline is fairly unique. Hey, having strawberries rescue a damsel in distress is pretty neat.;) All in all, the designer has done a very good job creating this scrumptious platformer.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Super Strawberry Clock!


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