Ferrari XV Speed Trial

Take this sports car on a test run in Ferrari XV: Speed Trial! #CarGames #RacingGames #DrivingGames Hop on into a Ferrari XV and take it for a spin! Cannonball along with your fellow racers to the finish line on a 3-dimensional raceway from a first-person perspective.

 Those Arrow Keys to your right are the only thing you'll ever need. But you better get the hang of it. Just one wrong turn and it'll be tough just to keep up with The Jones. Never mind bumping into into them head-on.

Ferrari XP Speed Trial Review

 Despite going out of your way just to steer the darn Ferrari, I'm amazed at the fine graphics and linear animation for such a free game as this! Go ahead and take it for a joyride. But in the end, who's gonna pay for it all?

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Ferrari XV Speed Trial!


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