Phantom Mansion 2-The Black Sea

Now it's time for Hector to embark on a journey to the Black Sea! #PhantomMansion2 #HalloweenGames #PlatformingGames
 Hector now embarks upon "The Black Sea" in search of "the Black Diamond". Just one of seven gems among "The Seven Seas". The spirits of the Phantom Mansion have told this young lad to begin his journey here. And so this initiates our adventure in finding "The Treasure of The Seven Seas".


 It was one typical late-October afternoon at the pier. Cool, damp, and dreary. With a blanket of thick fog rolling in from the sea. Which kept the warm sunlight from penetrating it's thick layers.

 That day, Hector resolved to go for a brisk walk on the beach. While strolling along, his eye caught an artifact half burrowed within the sand. "Could this be what the spirits referred to when they said 'upon the sand along the seashore'"?

 But before he could finish that thought, an ancient inscription(written in a foreign language) gradually transformed into a red X! While trembling at the same time, Hector became exceedingly happy. He daydreamed of becoming filthy rich!

 As he grabbed the treasure map, the sea of fog cleared to reveal an abandoned ship from the 1800's! So he hopped on board and steered the vessel deep into the waters. Legends refer to this body of water as "The Black Sea". Mysterious vanishings have become of those who've traversed those seas. Luckily for you, they didn't acquire the map.

 Finally, Hector reaches the spot. A dark cave on an islet and so he hunts for the black diamond. Not to be surprised, there are ghosts looming around this gloomy cavern. Now your adventure begins...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play The Black Sea!

Phantom Mansion The North Sea has just now launched!

This is all part of Phantom Mansion 2!


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