Space Invaders Nostalgic

A shot of what #SpaceInvaders looks like while in gameplay! #ArcadeGames #FlashGames
 Now that Halloween's officially over, I thought I'd take everyone down a trip through memory lane.

Space Invaders

 A Japanese programmer by the name of Tomohiro Nishikado invented a goldmine that would forever change the concept of a video game! Taking the industry from a secluded novelty to a global enterprise system! Heck! Not even the Yen could keep up with the first-person shooter!

 Many hoped-on the bandwagon to get their savory slice of the pie! As selling video games became a lucrative opportunity. Space Invaders ignited a flame that could not be extinguished!

 To Make a long story short, it all started with airplanes, canyons, Star Wars, and a living dream. He initially conceived of navy aircraft's and humans as antagonists of war with a score point system. But Tomohiro felt it too immoral and degrading. Not to mention, the aircraft's were impossible on such limited technology(talk about a few bits).

 One night as he lay there in bed, Hiro experienced weird dreams of children happily visiting an Oriental Santa at the mall. Only to be rudely interrupted by some massive alien invasion(don't ask)!

 Later on, a little visit to the movie theater further drove home the point of an alien space shooter game. In fact, the laser sound effects for the original "war of The Worlds" was his inspiration for the canyon shooter. The aliens octopi-like bodies further gave him ideas for the antagonists. In about a years time frame, Hiro finished hard wiring all the pieces together and dubbed it "Space Invaders". Eventually selling it to the arcades. The Rest as they say, is history!

 Space Invaders(formerly "Space Monsters") went down as the greatest coin operated arcade game of all time. Earning a spot for the Guinness World Book of Records!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Space Invaders!


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