Dream Escape

Help this Guy #Escape this dream and wake up to reality! #RoomEscapesGames
 After a hard days work, you've turned out the bedroom lights and called it quits for the evening. Ah! There's nothing like cuddling under the covers with the heat up on a cold crisp November night.

 In no time, you were out cold. Snoozing' away before the next commute. But this time, there ain't gonna be a commute.

 Adjusting your eyes, you freak out the next morning and find yourself immersed within an art gallery or piece of drawing definitely not your own! Apparently, someone or something has abducted and kidnapped you! What's more? I think he's playing Bugs Bunny on you!

 You find a few of your belongings scattered around the room. It seems the dude has a perverted interest in his victims solving their own dilemmas to earn their freedom.

 So off you go putting the pieces together until a way of escape is provided. By then realizing, your in another one of his paintings!

Dream Escape Review

 There wasn't much to set this one apart. The Music(or the lack thereof) didn't bother me much. But just the name of the game should base the scenes on some sort of dream(for which it's really not).

 Nonetheless, I find it a quaint puzzle-solver with plenty of post-modern apparel to occupy your time this evening.

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

Dream Escape Walkthrough

The Cup: Pick up the cup on the computer desk(easy).

The Shoe: Click on the bookshelf. In the fish tank is a swimming moon head with three numbers(random). Take note of these, then turn right twice. Look at the three-digit safe, and add the code the moon head in the fish tank contained. Then click on the opening. Yay! The shoe!

The Hat: Turn left. Now look at the funky couch and behind it is a branch. Take it. Turn left again and put the branch in the Christmas tree stand. The clock melts when you click on it. You find a key! Turn left and click on the left side of the small rug near the door. Get another key. Go left and click on the closet. Use the key you just got to find an art statue in the closet. Click the top part of the apple for the statue to move. Take his apple. Turn left and put the apple on the painting. Suddenly a hat appears. Take it.

The Hammer: Turn left and click the bookshelf. Shake the snow globe. Turn left again and pull up the blinds(where it's raining men). Take the pliers. Go back to the bookshelves and hover the pliers over the stained glass box until it breaks open. Take the hammer.

The Egg: Back up and go right twice. Hammer the case near the fireplace and take the egg.

The Candle: Use the broom and dustpan to sweep up the glass. Take the candle(second from right) from the large menorah. You’re not done yet. We need to light it first. Drag egg to “Check Object” and use the black key on the egg. Take the fancy key. Turn right twice and click the computer. Use the fancy key on the computer desk draw. Take the Zippo lighter. Check the unlit candle in “Check Object” and use the lighter on it.

The Portraits: Go left. Look at the empty portraits on the right-hand side wall. Insert Top Left: Egg. Top Right: Shoe. Middle Left: Hat. Middle Right: Candle. Bottom Left: Cup. Bottom Right: Hammer. The wall of portraits fall revealing the master key. Take and use it for the front door and congratulations! 

The End: You have now completed The Dream Escape!

Play Dream Escape!


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