Haunted House Escape

Here is Haunted House Escape by #123bee! #HalloweenGames #FlashGames
 Legend has it that house on lonesome hill is haunted by a man full of sorrows. It is said many years ago, he would wander the streets at night. Desperately looking for a companion. Someone who would share his joys and sorrows with. Towards the end there, he gave up and isolated himself within that mansion until the day of his death.

 Eventually, he breathed his last then passed on. Yet thirty years later, many still believe his soul still roams this loft. Longing for someone to talk to. The local townsmen(just five miles away) tell of many who've thus ventured forth into that dwelling have never returned. One guy even warned you of a time he was locked in. How the spirits didn't want to let go. If only you took heed to his admonishment.

 But as with most boys your age, Curiosity killed the cat. As soon as the gate bolted shut, it was too late to turn back(the fence is fourteen feet high)! But thankfully, the spirits have either purposefully left clues or were blissfully negligent. Now, you do appreciate these guys offering you friendship. But heck! You can't stay here forever!

 So have a look around. Search for hidden clues that will eventually lead to your freedom. Remember, these ghosts cannot stand the feeling of being left alone. You must find a way to out-smart them.

Review On Haunted House Escape

 One thing I found noticeably absent were any signs of spooks(Other then the locked gate). I thought this was meant to be a haunted house room escape?

 On the other hand, the sound effects fit the bill quite nicely. Yet not too scary. Much like a mixture to seeing a horror flick and listening to a Classical Phantom Of The Opera piece. If that makes sense.

 The game play was exceptionally difficult and frustrating(for that very reason, I've left a walkthough below for you), but a breeze once you get the hang of things.

 That all said, I think you'll enjoy Haunted House Escape. Especially after a long night of trick-or-treating or partying out with your friends.

 Oh and by the way, Happy Halloween 2008(or what's left of it)!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Haunted House Escape by 123bee!

Here's a Walkthrough!


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