MOTAS: Mystery of Time And Space

Here is what started the genera of #RoomEscapeGames! #OnlineGames
Let me show you an exquisite room-escape game. The one that started it all.

 Introducing M.O.T.A.S.! An acronym which stands for...

  •  M-Mystery
  • O-Of
  • T-Time
  • A-And
  • S-Space
 Intricately designed by Albartus. With a little help from his friends at LOGAN. A Danish firm of which he's employed(or was).

 Back in the day(when Columbus first discovered America), Macromedia was all there was and Adobe was just an impulse in someones mind(a dream waiting to come true). With that, Albartus materialized the first room(level) and has been at it non-stop ever since. Currently, 20 levels have thus been conceived with more mystery and intrigue on the way!

Mystery of Time And Space

 One strange morning, you wake up on some startling discovery-You remember nothing! What's more, you seem to be trapped within a network of rooms interwoven with logical combination's and riddled puzzlery that needs solving. As you progress through this mind-boggling entanglement, many questions harass your mind...
  • Who or what am I?
  • Is this place real or only my imagination?
  • Who or what has brought me to this place?
  • Is this some type of government conspiracy?
  • Am I in a parallel Universe?

MOTAS Review

 This by far the most comprehensive, mind-stimulating, adventure-seeking room-escape I've ever laid my two eyes on! Very well designed and formatted for any serious room-escape addict! A true inspiration for all aspiring game designers and highly recommended for all to indulge their ebbing curiosities!

Click here to play MOTAS

Ratings: 5 Stars!

P.S. For a thorough walkthrough, Click Here!


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