Cheese Dreams Review

Who say's the moon's not made out of cheese? #PlatformingGames #Nitrome
 Tonight's game brings us to a celestial ball of cheese(which in this case happens to be Earth's closest orbiting planet-the Moon).

 That night, a flying saucer comes barreling down upon the cratered frontier of The Moon. Specifically within the foothills of Mount Curdle. Where many believe the source of all things cheese have their origins.

 Deep within the bowels of this space-craft lay dozens of space mice who can't wait to have their next fix of cheese. Boy, what a coincidence these mice find themselves upon a perpetual ball of cheese. However, these rodents will soon realize...They've landed on a living entity!

 Since he's already bouncing a carbon-copy of himself(more like a mini-me so to speak), all you'll do is steer the orange ball through many cheesy platforms within within the UFO. From inverted plains to spinning cart-wheels. Aim for the stars for a better scour. Yes, they'll be those moments where you'll have to time it perfectly. But don't let that bough you down.

  Dribble your way through 30 courses of puzzle-solving and strategy-building adventure. Your goal is to not become a midnight snack. Good luck and may you overflow bountifully with plenty of cheese(surely, you will have awaken from this horrifying nightmare! Yet the spirit that resides within you will have scared off the real mice)!

Cheese Dreams Review

 As expected, Nitrome delivers another unique spin-off of a platformer to engage your mind, soul, and body. With such mechanical animations and dazzling stars, dancing where they don't belong, you'll find a beat mix between the sewage-pipes of Marioland and Sonic's obstacle-course(well sorta).

 The music has a grove hard to find nowadays on any arcade or video game. Again, that's because it has Nitrome's name written all over it! Nothing really stands out with the soundtrack(except perhaps it blends real well with the background music).

 The gameplay is backed by a powerful storyline with a fair amount of creativity and imagination! You might get a tad frustrated on cart wheeling your way out when a mouse is on your tail with limited time and only three tries. But I'm sure the more persistent you are, the more rewarding the game shall be.

 Bringing all of this to a close, Nitrome has just launched another well-designed platformer from their assembly vault-full of in depth playful creativity I'm sure the whole family will love!

Remember, don't forget to say cheese!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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