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 This tubby in over-alls has come to rescue the princess. Take a wild guess who it is...No, it ain't Mario. Try going lower on the pixel-scale You say you want more detail? The guy has unlimited bombs at his disposal and he must collect gold to further advance.....Given up yet? Well, you should, because it doesn't exist outside of the netisphere! Introducing...(drum rolls please)


 A clone who plays the role of a protagonist on some of Mario's platformers-developed by Julian Meyer from the studios of Jake. As with most celebrity impersonators, this little pixel-head doesn't stand a chance. Yet he doesn't mind as his job pays him well.

 Selflessly, he carries on to save the princess(well, that's what he's paid for). Even willing to die for her if that's what it takes(care to be hopscotched or impaled...It's all part of the act).

 Use the right and left Arrow Keys to go about in either direction. Hit the Spacebar to plant a bomb. Watch out for the pixel men(their crazy). Acquire all the gold scattered abroad to open a portal into the next platform.

 If Android can succeed on this simple mission, then even Mario would give a second glance. Maybe he could be Mario's decoy...Na!

Android Game Review

 The music is very construed to the New Wave Genre of the 1980's(at least as far as video game soundtracks go). Though I was a bit disappointed at how the tune abruptly ends(the script only allows a few short minutes of music). Sorry, that's one of my pet peeves.

 The gameplay does throw in a few nostalgic surprises. One being fruit from the realm of Pac-Man. Not to mention he looks like a cross between Mario and Mega Man-A hybrid(if such a thing could be imagined). Those bombs can either relate to "Bomberman" or Link's bombs from "The Legend of Zelda". The bouncing effect is very reminiscent of most platform arcades from the early 80's. Though Nintendo would later crush them all with Mario's signature jump effect(after the crash of '83)!

 So to wrap this all up, I think you'll enjoy bouncing around on a 2D platform with a fella still stuck in 1982...Enjoy!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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