Help this litle #Vampire make his rounds in #TransylmaniaGame! #HalloweenGames #VampireGames #Gothic
 All he wanted was a good night's sleep in his cushy coffin. But the townsmen have held a grudge for over 300 years. Apparently, putting a stake through Count Dracula's heart did nothing to satisfy their vengeance. So now his son Vampy must pay the price for what his father has done.

 Unlike his father, Vampy has vowed to never suck off the living again. With all the blood supply dad left him with, Vampy could drink his heart away for 2 thousand years. Despite the curse passed down through his linage, Vampy wants to live as a peaceful night owl.

 But these men will not leave him alone! With a dagger poised to strike Vampy's little heart, he wonders who is the evil one here.

 Sadly as a last resort, Vampy has to use self-defense. Which means, he must renegade against his vow. And so, they'll be plenty of new vampires emerging this very night.

 Go ahead and show these villagers and the evil doctor who's boss. After swapping a few embryonic stem cells(during a thunderstorm) to awaken Franky, now he wants to mess with you? I guess years of playing God has really rutted his brain!

Review On Transylmania

 The soundtracks are frightfully organic and very Tranylvic! The elegant graphics are fairly picturesque of what Halloween should be like. Dracula, Wolfman, phantoms, mummies, you name it.

 I did get a little frustrated on the controls as steering this bat can be a pain in the butt. But getting past that hurtle, I'm sure you'll really appreciate the design and thought inserted throughout this Halloween platformer.

Ratings 4.99 Stars!

Play Transylmania 1!

 After toying with the first installment, go ahead and check out it's sequel Transylmania 2!


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