The Halloween House

Too bad The Halloween House #CrosswordPuzzle no longer exists! But to make it up to you, here's Creepy Crossword Puzzle by #Apples4TheTeacher! Tonight calls for a spelling-B on haunted hill. The spirit of Halloween has trapped and bound you to an eerie word puzzle. And he will not let you go unless you get it right.

 Luckily, nine lives(in pumpkin form) are at your disposal. But don't let them run through your fingers. These are your assets. Lose them all and you will become another victim of "The Halloween House". Many victims has she claimed throughout the centuries. May the spirits be with you tonight.

The Halloween House Review

 With the lovely weather we've been having in Florida, the ghoulish sound effects just make it that much better! Just makes you feel like a kid inside.

 On the difficulty, I am thrilled to say it hits the spot just right! Never too hard to exasperate the heck out of ya. But not too easy to solve and brush by in 20 seconds either. 

 If you're fond of a good old fashioned crosspuzzle with a little Halloween twist, then this one's for you!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Sad to say the game is now defunkt. But here's another Spooky Crossword Puzzle to sink your fangs on!


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