Transylmania 2

This little #Vampire must make his rounds once more before the Sun rises over the horison! #HalloweenGames #VampireGames
 Boy, it really stinks being a vampire-and a virtuous one at that. Poor little Vampy has been suffering from conscience pangs from last nights little massacre. And it still appears, Dr. Evil has not learned his lesson.

 Like part one, you will have to reduce more villagers into piles of rubble. Something that'll come back to bike poor little Vampy for many more moons to come. But desperate times call for desperate measures! 

 Use the Arrow Keys to move, fly, and jump. Hit the Spacebar to give a good kick to your opponent. Like the first episode, your goal is to vaporize all your foes and return to your casket in one piece.

Good luck and may Dracy be with you!

Transylmania 2 Review

 I was fairly impressed by the old-school taste that pervades the overall structure instilled in this flash game. Like it's predecessor, a highly fine example of what Halloween should look like. Certainly a wonderful extension to the original Transylmania.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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