Nightmare: The Adventures 4

Guide Victor through another terrorfying #Nightmare in Nightmare The Adventures 4! #HalloweenGames
 Victor has overcome 3 nights of petrifying nightmares. Each with one troubled soul disguised as some fiendish creature. Thus far, we have conquered...

Now, another night of terror awaits young Victor in...

Nightmare The Adventures: The Stolen Souvenirs of Rob R.

 Normally Rod is a benevolent joker. However, the spooks that be have stolen his souvenirs which contain his sub-conscience mind-having sealed it up upon a retrieving system. Now he lives on someone Else's retention. An evil mischievous memory.

 But one piece of his mind was left for Rob to find that little boy who could solve his problems. So he could get his memory back.

 And that's where you come in, my friend. Help little Victor overcome this night of bewildering dreams. Turn his nightmares upside down and show these monsters who's boss! By doing so, you might wake up one morning with a souvenir from your dreams.

*Update* So far, no English version has surfaced of the next episode. But if you want to take a sneak peek at episode 5 go here. Only thing, you must know some French(not absolutely nessasary but preferred).

Review of Nightmare the Adventures Episode 4

 The whole story is another fantastic point and click adventure/puzzle-solving hybrid(you know how much I love these). But again, come the last part, you'll get a little perturbed. Pushing a number of keys tediously at the right time. It's not as bad as the last time(I hate one-piece puzzles). But still kind of a drag. Other then that, Sarkaton has not strayed one iota from delivering such a rich and complex storyline geared for the little rascals in your family!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Nightmare the Adventures 4 Walkthrough

1. Click on little gate and get key.

2. Use key to unlock cell then go out.

3. Get green key from jelly on table.

4. Click left arrow, use green key on green lock, then enter that cell.

5. Click the poster to reveal a secret passage way then enter.

6. Click lever to shut off robot.

7. Click little gate on top of big gate and get red key.

8. Go back to where the robot was and take flashlight.

9. Go left then click top-right arrow up the stairs.

10. Go into open cell(watch our for thief).

11. Use flashlight in dark room and get red coin from stash.

12. On right side of screen free the banker. then he will give you the red code. Click on him again to get a bag.

13. Go left twice then use red key on red lock.

14. Use bad on hook above lizard.

15. Once lizard is on bag pull the rope to trap him.

16. Put bankers red code in keypad near lizard.

17. Go into cell closest to keypad.

18. Click middle bunk and remember his blue code then leave cell.

19. Go to vault to the left and type in blue code then enter.

20. Click on small gate to the right of screen and remember bankers code then leave.

21. Go right then enter bankers green code on the right vault then enter.

22. Click the dome to play "Crazy Finger Twister Code".

23. Once you've completed the game, go to the other vault.

24. Use red coin for the next game.

25. To play you must zap away matching robbers by costume and face. Finally click on the matching safes.

26. Victor has vanquished his fourth nightmare!

Play Nightmare the Adventures 4!


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