Phantom Mansion: Spectrum of Souls

Hector must go through eight parts of the Manner to free the poor lost souls of #PhantomMansion! #HalloweenGames #AdventureGames
 Today marks the beginning of a month full of creepy little surprises. Games that'll leave you into the spirit of Halloween. To start, I'd like to take you through eight ghoulish chambers of The Phantom Mansion.

 There are 8 rooms full of riddles and spooks, cursed by "The Retched Color-Wheel"-each chamber with it's own color. You must lift this spell off this mansion and restore the castle to it's former glory.

The series includes...

The Red Chamber

The Orange Library

The Yellow Tower

The Green Gallery

The Blue Ballroom

The Indigo Dungeon

The Violet Vault

...And finally The Black Sanctum

 Be sure to complete each one before venturing forth unto "The Black Sanctum"-the curse of all curses! You'll be glad you did. Once the curse has been lifted, the spirits will lead you on a quest for the Treasure of the Seven Seas!


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