Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber

Help young Hector on his first journey through the #PhantomMansion! #HalloweenGames #AdventureGames
 The red chamber sets off our quest to save these poor lost souls trapped within these walls of perdition. Guide little Hector from room to room and release the spirits contained within their dead skulls and set free "The phantom of The Red Chamber".

These ghosts will be released from their prison cells but unable to escape the mansion until you've broken the spell within The Black Sanctum.

 Be wary of walking skeletons and three-eyed zombies. Oh and did I mention the bottomless pit? Just keep one eye glued to the floor and the other solving one gruesome riddle after another. In no time, you'll be prepared to undertake The phantom of The Orange Library.

The Red Chamber Review

 Now this is something I can get hooked on for hours! The puzzles are challenging but not perplex nor frustrating. Just enough to leave you on the edge of your seat. In gleeful Anticipation of what's behind door number[insert blank here]. All in good Halloween taste.

 Just gotta love those eerie sound effects? It reminds me a lot of The Haunted Mansion at Disney World. My only complaint is the tendency for it to get a little hum-drum after awhile. Hearing the same soundtrack rehashed over and over again just leaves you brain-fatigued. But otherwise, your in for a real spooky treat!

 As your ghost host at the Haunted Mansion would say... "Enjoy your stay at The Phantom Mansion"!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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