Big Truck Adventures-Canyon Run

Take this monster truck out for a spin in the rugged mountains of Yuma Arizona! #CarGames
 Tonight calls for a review of "Big Truck Adventures". A monster truck big-wheels adventure brought to you by

 Craving for a real monster truck rush?

 Does your adrenaline need horse-power to gallop?

 Well, buckle-up! Cause this time, he's tip-proof(well, mostly). Take this big-wheel for a spin through the rugged terrain of the inter-mountain West.

 Press up to steer forward, Down for reverse, and use the side arrows for steering and balancing. Just in case your in the need for speed, bang the shift key to accelerate. That'll give ya a boost in case of running into steep inverted ridges!

 Just keep in mind, the object is to score points. The more stunts you perform, the better. Also be wary of those ditches as you progress(I found that out the hard way).

Big Truck Adventures 1 Review

 The first thing you'll notice, there's no background music(much less any sound effects). But that's where the complaints end.

 As I mentioned earlier, they've finally managed to put a big-wheel adventure together without the infamous tipping hazard. Something that was so desperately missing from previous Monster-truck flash games. For that I give 'em an A.

I love the amateur graphics and feel of riding along the rugged terrain. So to conclude this review this evening, Free online Games has done a fine job on another Monster truck mash(by the way, Halloween's just around the corner)!

Enjoy Yourself!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Play Big Truck Adventures - Canyon Run!

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