Phantom Mansion The Indigo Dungeon

Guide Hector through the indigo dungeons of the #PhantomMansion! #HalloweenGames
 Well done mortal! You have thus far snatched 5 souls from "The Red Death".

The spirit of "The Red Chamber".

The spirit of "The Orange Library".

The spirit of "The Yellow Tower".

The spirit of "The Green Gallery".

The spirit of "The Blue Ballroom".

 And now Hector. You must save the phantom of "The Indigo Dungeon". A place filled with jesters(who are a pain in the butt) and plenty of zombies sleepwalking from the living dead. Solve the riddles of the ages and obtain "The Indigo Mask" to free his spirit from it's rigor mortis. The living...Nay-The dead rest on your shoulders.

Phantom Mansion Indigo Dungeon Review

 The music gives the impression of a progressive tune. You'll notice the sound effects tell a story. They supposedly reveal the truth behind those dead corpses and harnessed stretchers you see lying around. Those poor souls.

 Game play is great(as usual). Just watch out for Mr. goody two shoes. He likes to extort your keys and play catch me if you can. Remember, these are jesters. Pulling pranks is their line of duty. Cornering the maggot typically does the trick.

 Enjoy and don't forget about "The Violet Vault" this Tuesday!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Now go play Phantom Mansion: Indigo Dungeon!

Enjoy your stay at The Phantom Mansion!


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