Phantom Mansion The Violet Vault

Help Hector trec through more creepy rooms in part seven of Phantom Mansion! #HalloweenGames
 Assuming you've already wondered the dark alleys of "The Red Chamber", the creepy "Orange Library", those endless stairways to "The Yellow Tower", viewed a few gruesome photos at "The Green Gallery", waltz about the  "Blue Ballroom", and sneaked into the basement. Only to wind up with a bunch of cryptids in "The Indigo Dungeon". Now, we need to rescue the seventh and final soul from "The Violet Vault".

 Beware of screeching ghosts-those angry and bitter souls forever entangled within "The Red Death". Their groans can be heard echoing down the corridors. One swipe of their cold, dry dead plasmic bodies will send chills up and down your spine.

 But these spirits can be manipulated. If you know what you're doing. A Good juggle of the crates can lead them to where you want them to go.

 Once you've obtained the violet mask, you may have freed the 7 spirits(within their cells). However, the curse is still intact until you've successfully burnt the masks in a prescribed fashion. For that, you need to enter "The Black Sanctum". It will be there the final battle will be waged.

Hector, I am the last soul who needs rescuing. If ye set us free and turn this mansion back to the way it was, we shall reward thee with an even greater adventure amongst "The Seven Seas"-where pure gold can be found!

Phantom Mansion The Violet Vault Review

 If there's one piece of advice, I'd say watch out for the last two rooms! They are hard as heck! Just steering the darn spirits will lead you on the edge of your seat! Ignoring every itch on your body. Keeping those eyes strained on your monitor.

 The soundtrack is just awesome! With those howling phantoms, tormented in Tartarus. With malevolent spirits taunting Hector. There's even a drunken-soul bidding you on("That's...It"). He must've had too much Pumpkin Veloute to imbibe.

 With Halloween just around the corner, this will definitely get you in the spirit!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Phantom Mansion: Violet Vault!

Enjoy your stay at The Phantom Mansion!


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