Phantom Mansion The Blue Ballroom

Guide Hector through the haunted dancehalls of the Blue ballroom of The #PhantomMansion! #HalloweenGames
 So far brave mortal, you have successfully ventured through "The Red Chamber", "The Orange Library", "The Yellow Tower", and "The Green Gallery"(if not, then I beseech thee, Go back and release my fellow spectrum-prisoners. Together we keep hauntings in check).

 Tonight, ye must deliver the blue soul from "The Red Death". The council of The Spectrum of Souls are counting on ye to lift the evil spell malevolent beings have cast upon this forsaken dwelling.

 Be wary, Hector my boy, of walking skeletons and pulverized zombies who will bite thee without partiality. Above all else, don't fall into the bottomless pit of despair! Many a poor soul have ventured within these walls only to fall for all eternity. Mark my words, there is no rest from this tormenting sensation!

 Be sure to solve the puzzle this perverse specter has laid out for thee. My son, be ye courageous and persevere till the end. By doing so. Ye will have saved one more ghost from the curse of The Phantom Mansion.

Phantom Mansion: The Blue Ballroom Review

 The phonographic soundtracking does deliver a good old-fashioned sense of spooks. That cold dry aura of an abandoned antique parlor filled with flickering candles and dancing buttoned-down spirits who've passed on to the next life. I wouldn't blame Hector for having second thoughts.

 There are three potions scattered throughout the ballroom chamber. One will make you dizzy and reverse the controls(much like shifting sides in keeping with "The Rules Of The Road"). Another potion will give a caffeine buzz! Leaving you banging off the walls(and I do mean Michael Jackson)! But cheer up. There is a blue potion which will cure all your ailments.

 By far, this is one of the greatest online game series I have seen for quite some time! Truly a one of a kind treat for all you Halloween lovers!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Phantom Mansion: Blue Ballroom!

Enjoy your stay at The Phantom Mansion!


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