Nightmare The Adventures

Join Victor on a daring adventure through the land of his #Nightmares as he vanquishes his #demons! #HalloweenGames
 Let us go on a little journey through Victor's imagination and help him overcome his nightmares. On countless moons, spirits from the Netherworld have been crying for his attention. But for what? Come and unravel this mystery burled deep within Victor's mind.

You must guide victor with your mouse through the frontiers of his dreams to vanquish the boy's fears. There are items to collect and puzzles to be solved. You've got plenty of time. But you must spend it wisely. Too many clicks will send the devil himself in the flesh and Victor will wake-up petrified in a cold sweat.

The series is geared more for the little ones in your family. But the shear joy of getting into the imaginative spirit of juvenile Halloween makes this a must play for anyone who's still a kid at heart. The wonderful storyline, spectacular voice-over narration, and overall design of the game makes Saraken a much sought-after game developer!

Nightmares The Adventure Series

Part 5 is not in English yet, but if you'd like a sneak peek, go Check It Out!


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