Nightmare The Adventures 1-Broken Bones Complaint

Guide Victor on a daring adventure through his troubling mind as he scopes his #Nightmares and vanquishes his #Demons! #HalloweenGames
 Guide Victor on a bold journey through the recesses of his mind-Where most men dream dreams and vanquish their night terrors.

 You must scurry around barefoot among the cold damp pavement of cobblestones. Use your mouse to find clues to to this whole eery dilemma. But whatever you do. You must not get scared or go into hyper-clicking mode! Or else a demon will pounce upon you from the depths. You'll wake up in a fit of hysteria!

Review of Broken Bone's Complaint

 A narrator guides you through the corridors of your dreams. Giving you an idea of what's going on up here. Allowing you to be the third person. The one who controls the outcome of Victors nightmare.

 The sound affects truly induce a spirit of apprehension and confusion-Like a child's dream that's gone horribly wrong! But I wish they'd allow us the luxury of snooping around without dying so soon(since too much clicking sends the red guy after you).

 But all in all, a wonderful spooktacular thriller to get tucked away in my archives!

Broken Bone's Complaint Walkthrough

1. Get newspaper from ground.

2. Pick up scythe from Reaper.

3. Get protruding bone from gravestone.

4. Click left Arrow.

5. Give dog bone.

6. Get trash-bins.

7. Click right Arrow.

8. Get Banjo from coffin.

9. Grab torch then go back.

10. Click Upper Arrow then left Arrow.

11. Get Maracas from smallest coffin then go back out.

12. Click Right Arrow.

13. Use scythe on web to retrieve bat. then go out.

14. Use bat on living branches then get key.

15. Click Down then left Arrow twice.

16. Insert torch on right latch.

17. Use key to free prisoner.

18. Go back to first scene and give each his own instrument.

19. Victor's nightmare is vanquished!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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