Treasure of The Seven Seas

Hector Must embark on a second mission. This time upon the seven sea of the world! #HalloweenGames #MysteryGames #GhostGamesHector, my boy...

 Thou hast verily demonstrated thy courage against the evil presence within The Phantom Mansion. And as a reward to thy bravery, we shall reveal to thee a map within the sand along the seashore. Near thy dwelling place just 400 cubits apart.

 Guard it well Hector. For in it lays the secrets of the treasures of the seven seas. Within that relic lay the keys unto a prosperous future. Ye shall be the most wealthiest man to have walked the face of the Earth. Yet only if ye follow the map carefully.

 Again as a token of our gratitude, we found it wise to repay thee in this manner. Thus, you must embark upon The Seven Seas to acquire the whole treasure.


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